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Creative interiors that make the difference

6th June 2012

Creative interiors that make the difference

“A blank canvas” is how Brad Carman of Dapa Interiors describes The Eye. To some people the words blank canvas, in relation to a home, create blind panic. But Brad is made of sterner stuff. He and his team are responsible for designing the acclaimed show apartments interiors that launched The Eye and are currently working their magic on the Penthouse show apartment due to launch in late June.

We asked Brad and his team to explain how they approach the blank canvas of an empty show apartment?

When we design a penthouse such as the Eye it’s great to have space where you can really create a sleek stylish apartment. There are lots of key factors we take into consideration such as the area, the potential buyer – how these people need to use the apartment and what feel both the developer and the buyer ultimately want. We try to get into the mindset of the buyer and spend a day in their life.

Are there any tricks of the trade we can learn from you?
Classic design pieces such as the Corbusier Lounger used in the main bedroom of the penthouse are always a winner, try to give each room its own identity and don’t be afraid to try new ideas.

What is the key element to creating workable living space?
Making sure that you have a great place to relax and unwind after a day at the office is key to ensuring you have a living space which works for you. Comfortable but stylish seating and practical storage are always a winner as are good lighting and a dining area you can entertain your friends.

Are there any colours you avoid?
No colours are out of bounds however we always use the same theme of colours throughout the apartment ensuring the apartment flows.

The Eye has a particular outlook, how did this influence your design?
We understand that purchasers who are looking to make the move to the Eye are keen to live in a stylish apartment which has an unusually floor space. With this is mind the interior of the penthouse as well as the other apartments we have designed at the eye are aspiration, functional but with a keen sense of quality design.

Come and see Brad's handiwork at The Eye; the sales and marketing suite is open Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm and saturday from 10am - 5pm.