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Meeting Heather Murphy

6th June 2012

Meeting Heather Murphy

As part of Savills Sales Team, Heather is responsible for Sales and Administration at The Eye. She is based on site in the marketing suite which is open Tuesday – Friday 11am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 5pm.

Heather openly admits to having fallen head over heels for The Eye, “I’m just having difficulty deciding which of the amazing designs and locations I like best. I love the cityscape, but find the views over Dundry mesmeric. Watching the trains come and go is quite soothing too. Ultimately I have my eye on one of the stunning penthouse apartments, I can see myself with a glass in hand, gazing out across the city as the sun sets in a blaze of glory….a girl can dream”.    

Heathers energy and endless patience are ideal skills for supporting buyers through the maze of home buying. From negotiating the maze with first time buyers to seasoned investors, Heather is on the ball at every stage of the process. “No matter how straightforward it ought to be, there are always people to chase, dates to negotiate and last minute ‘opportunities’ to solve. My role is to make sure the hassle is kept to a minimum. I aim to anticipate any sneaky pitfalls before they become an issue. I’m as keen as my buyers to make things happen for them.”